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Photogrammetry Software Bake-Off: Round 2

Comparing photogrammetry software outputs from Agisoft Metashape, 3DF Zephyr, and RealityCapture


As a follow-up to my first post, I decided to do a second comparison of these three software packages with the same photo set.

I’ll mention again that for each of these scans I used Metashape “import masks from model” to mask the photos before running alignment. I detailed out my general turntable workflow in this post which explains the masking technique.

In each of the three scans I had some amount of “fringe” material in the meshes that needed to be trimmed out. This was because I used a pure white background which didn’t properly get masked out in all of the photos.

Agisoft Metashape

Created in Agisoft Metashape Standard v1.8.0 using 232 photos.

3DF Zephyr

My 3D scene generated with photogrammetry software 3DF Zephyr v6.010 processing 225 images


Created in RealityCapture by Capturing Reality from 220 images.


For this particular photo set, all three software packages produced similar results. The factors contributing to that I believe are that this keyboard has better geometry (i.e. less flat and more dynamic) and more surface details (i.e. dust).

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